The 10 steps to choose the perfect house

The 10 steps to choose the perfect house

Reaching your perfect home is the result of a proper search among the available properties. However, it is essential to know that success does not depend on searching for many months and visiting a myriad of properties to find the penthouse Valencia of our dreams, but there are ways to reduce through a well-defined strategy. From our luxury real estate Valencia we present the ten steps to your ideal home.

The perfect strategy to find your dream home

It consists of only ten steps, but each one must be given due attention. Let's get started!

Step # 1 - Delimit the area

The house or penthouse Valencia can be remodeled, but the area is immovable. For this reason, the first recommendation we make from our real estate Valencia is that you delimit the area where you want to move. The criteria you will use for this purpose will have much to do with your lifestyle.

If you have your own company, you may be interested in buying a Valencia apartment in a place close to your facilities, while if you have your office at home, you will have more room to choose less urban areas.

If you have children, you will probably find it more than convenient to settle near their school or place of study. On the other hand, if you are taking your first steps after your children become independent, then priorities will revolve around your specific preferences and needs.

Step # 2 - Define your needs

Now it is time to think about the minimum you need in your new penthouse in Valencia. This translates into choosing the number of bedrooms; the total square meters, if you need a terrace, patio or garden; if one bathroom is enough or if you require one or two more; if you need to live in a low, medium or high floor, and in the case of a house, if you admit that it has stairs or if you need it to be on one floor.

Write down all these requirements in a notebook that you will use exclusively for your Valencia apartment search, as you will need to have them always at hand when the time comes to start looking for the ideal Valencia penthouse.

Step # 3 - Decide on a budget

Now that you know where you will live, you can calculate the monthly transportation budget, as well as an estimate of the community fees, which will help you define your maximum budget for the purchase of your new home.

Within this stage it is also the turn of the mortgage choice, which can be fixed or variable, while you could also focus on getting a green mortgage. The choice is not as simple as it seems, so count on your Valencia real estate agency to advise you in a personalized way.

Step # 4 - Start your search

Now that you know what you're looking for and how much money you're going to spend on your new Valencia penthouse, it's time to start looking for specific properties. Considering the fact that Valencia apartment owners advertise their properties at prices ranging from five to twenty percent more than the price they are willing to sell for, it's wise to look for homes that are advertised at prices higher than your limit.

In our Valencia real estate agency we have a wide portfolio of properties of various sizes and distributions, located in different neighborhoods of Valencia.

We can offer you virtual tours of the highest quality so that you have the possibility to filter properties very effectively before requesting in-person visits. Our mission is to save you time and turn the arduous task of buying a home into a rewarding and pleasurable experience.

Step # 5 - Organize your visits

Make a list of the properties you want to visit. Make sure you opt for those that meet all the requirements, to avoid wasting time. At most, from our luxury real estate Valencia we recommend you to visit five apartments Valencia per day, as more than this amount dulls the mind and the advantages of the properties visited at the beginning of the day are blurred.

Organize an itinerary that allows you to see all five homes within a small area. This way you will avoid traveling long distances in the same day, only to return to the same place later in the week.

Step # 6 - Debug the options

There is a step prior to making the final decision, which is not to stay with only one property among the dozens that you have visited, nor more than five. Take the time you need to choose these finalist properties, always bearing in mind that there may be other buyers who may be interested in the same Valencia apartments at the same time as you. Consult with your family or, if you are moving alone, ask your friends for their opinion.

Step # 7 - Visit the finalist properties once more

Once you know which group of five Valencia apartments is your future home, visit each one at least once more. Pay attention to details you may have missed before, such as lighting, neighborhood, area businesses, the condition of the property, whether it has been recently remodeled, and what repairs it will need to make it your ideal home.

This is the time to ask the owner all the questions you need to go home without any doubts about the place you intend to turn into your personal space.

It is very important that you visit the property during the day, as this way you will really see how bright it is at times when artificial light should not be used.

Step # 8 - Walk the area at different times of the day.

It is possible that, at this point, you only have two or three Valencia apartments from which to decide. To avoid any surprises, from our real estate Valencia we recommend you to walk around the area, approximately ten blocks around, at different times of the day, especially those in which you and your family must move down the street to get to the place of work or study.

Pay attention to movement, safety, traffic, lighting at night and everything else that is important for your comfort and peace of mind.

Step # 9 - Make your offer

Making an offer is not easy. If we make it too low, we run the risk that the owner of the Valencia penthouse gets angry and then doesn't even want to hear from us. It would not be the first owner who refuses to sell to a specific buyer, which can happen when he feels offended that we have not valued his property.

However, if we bid too high, we may end up paying several thousand euros more than we would have paid if we had made a lower bid.

How to solve this dilemma?

There are two ways. The first one is to find out the reference value according to the cadastral nominative, which will allow us to know if the owner is selling at a lower or higher price than what the cadastre says it is worth.

This information has a double utility. On the one hand, it places us in the reality of the property so that we can make an offer within the parameters of common sense. On the other hand, it enables us to challenge the value of ITP (Transfer Tax) that we have paid if we bought the property at a lower price than the one assigned by the land registry. It is a long process and requires that we go to court, and it must be done indirectly and through evidence that shows that the taxpayer has been harmed by the difference in value, but we can get to receive an interesting refund for having overpaid in this tax.

The second way is to count on the advice of our Valencia real estate agency, because we know each owner like the back of our hand, which allows us to tell you what is the limit that should not be passed in order to continue negotiating with the seller.

Step # 10 - Final preparations for the signing of the title deed

Depending on the case, the purchase and sale of a penthouse in Valencia may have tax benefits. It is therefore essential that you go to the signing of the purchase of your new home having been properly informed about it. Otherwise, it is possible that you pay more just because you do not know the benefits that are available.

Consult with our Valencia real estate agency the details of the purchase and sale of your property.

There are many details that come with the purchase and sale of a property. So that you can carry out this operation with peace of mind, we have at your disposal our team of real estate and tax advisors. In this way, we assure you that you will not pay one euro more than what is due and that the whole operation will be carried out successfully. Contact us!

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