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Valencia's most premium neighborhood: what homes are buyers looking for when they spend half a million euros?


The price in certain luxury areas of the capital has increased 7.5% in just one year

In Nuwe we have spent years seeing how the luxury real estate market is increasing. The search for the most outstanding properties in Valencia does not cease. The operations, easily, are around and exceed half a million euros and far from what the last controversy with the elimination of the Golden Visa could lead us to think, foreign buyers arrive determined and, let it be understood, 'in love' with a single neighborhood of the capital. Their purposes are to have a home in Valencia to formalize it as a habitual residence, to establish their place of work as digital nomads or even to have the option of being able to reside seasonally in a city that offers all its appeal throughout the year. We are not going to describe the charms of Valencia, because they are already known and you only have to go out on the street, but in our experience we have found several patterns and elements that are repeated: buyers of luxury homes are interested in a very specific neighborhood and the house must have certain characteristics. These are the properties for which half a million euros are paid in the center of Valencia.

The most sought after neighborhood, the one that arouses the most interest and the one that focuses all the objectives of buyers of luxury homes in Valencia is none other than Pla del Remei. Located between the Eixample, La Xerea, Sant Francesc, Ruzafa, Gran Vía and the most popular stretch of the old Turia riverbed, this area can be considered the most 'premium' of Valencia. Here you can find the most luxurious homes in the city, for which buyers do not skimp on expenses. We have closed several operations in this area that exceed even half a million euros. But what could be most striking is that the client interested in this area is not usually national, but international.

The customer of luxury homes in Valencia

Recently we have seen how the Government has targeted the luxury home buyer, placing him as responsible for the general increase in the price of housing in Spain. They are such different markets that the trend of one will not directly affect the other, although in the case of the controversy of the withdrawal of the Golden Visa real estate is really more security reasons than housing, but we will leave that for another time. Foreigners come to Valencia determined to invest in a certain luxury property, without skimping on benefits, characteristics of the property and price. The amount of the operation is not usually a problem.

Among the most prominent clients for the purchase of luxury homes in Valencia are Central Europeans such as Belgians and Dutch, as well as Lithuanians and, more recently, Ukrainians. North Americans and Canadians deserve a special mention, as they are accustomed to the fact that in the USA the purchase and sale of homes must be carried out through real estate agencies, while in Spain this type of transaction can be carried out between private individuals. Unlike foreigners, national clients are more likely to search and compare the price offered by each property, looking at the average market price. All these examples are shown in a single and striking fact: the price of luxury housing transactions has increased, in certain areas, by 7.5%.

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Characteristics of the luxury homes in Pla del Remei

Compiling the operations that we have carried out in this stately neighborhood of Valencia, we find that the clients coincide in certain interests, in certain aspects that the property must have to formalize the operation. We are talking about an area with very select homes, which meet the highest quality standards and which are the object of desire of a very specific public. Thus, customers want their future home in Pla del Remei to be characterized by being large, have ample space and always have between 3 and 4 bedrooms. In addition, among the requests we usually find the interest in having a house with terrace and balcony.

Why buy a home in Pla del Remei?

Those interested in buying a luxury home in the city of Valencia come to Nuwe with very clear ideas: they want a house in Pla del Remei. It is clear that it is the most particular area of the capital for the type of housing that we can find. There is no such concentration in any other district of the capital. This is the first neighborhood of the center arriving from the old Turia riverbed, it is just a few minutes from the most touristic points of the city such as the center itself, the City of Arts and Sciences and Viveros. In this area we find the main clothing stores, the most outstanding restaurants of the city.

Other prime areas to buy a house in Valencia

Pla del Remei is the most 'top' area of the city in terms of luxury housing, but other neighborhoods that offer other types of housing with high prices and outstanding features are not far behind. Thus, the area of Pla del Real next to Mestalla, Peñarroja due to its proximity to the City of Arts and Sciences, Sant Pau and Cortes Valencianas, the Eixample with Gran Vía and Ruzafa, Sant Francesc, El Carmen, the recent increase in Arrancapins and the vicinity of Beniferri due to recent constructions, without forgetting the area of Nou Campanar, also stand out.